Aha! So THAT’S How It’s Done!

So remember when I said that I was shit scared of driving? Well… turns out that has changed, as I actually enjoy driving now. Yeah, can you believe it?! Well maybe you can but I certainly cannot! I mean in like two months… or maybe even less than two months… I’ve gone from sitting stiffly behind the wheel and not daring to drive more than like 40 km/h to being relaxed and enjoying the speed. I remember when I was a kid and my dream car was a silver Porsche, and I was dreaming of driving in überspeed in Germany. A couple of months ago, I was shaking my head at that little girl thinking she has absolutely no idea what she’s talking about; but not anymore. Okay the Porsche and Germany dreams are probably going to remain dreams, but I can’t wait till I get my driver’s license and the first time I get to drive alone.

It’s all thanks to my brother really. If he hadn’t been so persistent, I probably wouldn’t have learned anything by now. I mean all his yelling actually did something. At the time it only made me frustrated, but the reason my muscle memory has started to store driving data is actually because of those yellings. Ah… life…


2 thoughts on “Aha! So THAT’S How It’s Done!

  1. Did you get your driver’s license yet? Wish you all the best with that! I only have a valid American license so I have to get one here in Sweden, which remains a challenge for me. It is an expensive process but I guess it’s all worth it at the end. Make sure you exaggerate about being extra careful while driving during the actual test…like every detail. I’ve heard the tests in the city are the hardest compared to Eskilstuna and stuff.



    1. No I haven’t got it yet. I’ve only done the first part of the “riskutbildning”, as it’s called, and am scheduled to do the second part a couple of weeks from now. So I haven’t even started driving school yet. Yeah, I know, most people fail the first time I think :-S. My plan is to be able to drive perfectly (whatever that is :P) before I do the test.


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