When I’m hurt or angry, I come to the blogosphere. I also come here when I’m feeling euphoric. I don’t go to people because people don’t exist.

People don’t praise or encourage, yet they bathe in the stuff while you pour it on them. People don’t see you, they only see a shell; because truly seeing you would mean actually having to pay attention to things, and they’re too busy taking care of themselves to do that. People forget, while you remember. After a point you start making yourself invisible because the pain is too much; you try to show how insignificant you are, but it doesn’t work because they’re still not paying attention. You retire into your cave and they judge you, not even thinking about the possibility that something might be wrong with you… that you might be hurt.

In the big picture though, I am insignificant. They don’t believe they are, so they might not be. But I am, and I will be. Because believing that I am something means taking a huge risk, and I prefer to stay safe.