Despite how much we want to believe it, deep down we probably know that certain events only occur in movies. One great example is how people meet each other. In countries that are not Sweden, people might say hello to each other on the bus or ask someone who looks lost if s/he needs help, but I highly doubt people develop relationships like that. It does however happen in planes or at airports, like I once witnessed; a guy and a girl getting more and more acquainted while I was sitting there listening to them wondering if life was taunting me (because something like that will of course never happen me).

Anyway, the problem occurs when your mind breaks from the pattern and sees someone it wishes to… well approach, in one or the other way. I was sitting in the library today hoping to get some studies done, when I saw this guy. At first I saw him pass in front of me, and decided he is good-looking by that little glimpse of his profile. The rest of the time spent there, maybe an hour or so, I was staring at the back of his head. Okay no, I was studying as well, but I didn’t get a clear view of him as he was sitting diagonally a few rows in front of me.

Now what is a girl supposed to do in a situation like that? I can’t just go over there shuffling all the people in the way aside and say hi. What I would have done, had I been sitting closer, is to check out his name on Facebook (he had the page open once) and stalk him down LOL. But then what? I can’t just send him a friend request. Hi! I was in the library during the same time you were there today. Please add me! 

I know of a “method” certain girls use which involves walking inside the perimeter making sure the guy really sees her, but the day I sink to that level…

Nah, all the fairytale stuff only happen to gorgeous-looking people or drunk people. And those of us who can’t be either… well, we have the honor of being the audience.

Yeah, totally inconspicuous!Picture credit:
Yeah, totally inconspicuous!
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