Mind the Gap: ebooks vs. Hardcovers

Picture credit: http://www.tech2date.com/ebooks-vs-real-books.html

Picture credit: http://www.tech2date.com/ebooks-vs-real-books.html

How do you prefer to read, with an eReader like a Kindle or Nook, or with an old school paperback in hand?

Link to the challenge.

It surprises me a little bit that paperback is referred to as old school here; they’re not extinct… yet. Ever since I was very young, I have dreamed of having a library of my own in my house; basically a room dedicated to books. The feeling of being in a library, a book store or any other area dedicated to and filled with books is something I hardly believe an eReader can replace.

With that being said, I’m not against the eReader at all; it’s the more eco-friendly option and it takes much less space, which allows you to carry hundreds of books with you wherever you go. In a sense, that is any bookworm’s dream. I don’t have an eReader though, not being sure yet whether or not I should invest in one. And sure, I spend all this time behind screens anyway, but I can’t help but wonder if your eyes won’t tire out quicker while reading on an eReader? When I do eventually have the resources to get one, I will have to make a list of pros and cons.

As it is though, the eReader is nothing for me. It is a little bit weird considering I’m up to date with most of the technological development, but I guess when it comes to books I can’t help being a traditionalist.


9 thoughts on “Mind the Gap: ebooks vs. Hardcovers

  1. If you buy a “traditional” [and how strange to use that word when discussing eReaders, though eBooks have been around since the 1970s so I suppose it isn’t too bad.] eReader that uses an eInk display [like those old Etch-A-Sketches] you shouldn’t find any problems with your eyes. I use a computer all day at work, and wear glasses all day. Except, when reading. I can read from my Kindle without wearing glasses, because I can adjust the font size. Plus they’re not back-lit like the screens you have in monitor, tablets, and cellphones, so they don’t “Dry your eyes out” – I’ve read for six / eight hours during a weekend using my Kindle without any observable eye-strain.

    In terms of books in the future? I can see Paperbacks going the way of VHS, but not for a long, long time. When you can buy an eReader for less than £/$20, that’s when I think paperbacks will start to decline. Hardcovers, however, will always remain – as a big Kindle user [on average, for every ten books I read, six/ seven are eBooks.] if I’m buying a book to “display” on the bookcase, odds are it’ll be a hardcover.


    1. Ah… thank you so much for the info, at least now I know it won’t damage my eyes if I do decide to get one one day :).

      And yeah you’re probably right, the prices will determine which form eventually stays/takes over.


  2. I agree – both are good! For ease and convenience though, I’ve gone kindle all the way. It is so helpful and with being able to download audio books too it means I can even ‘read’ in the dark! Plus it all links to my phone so I can read on that when nowhere near home – and everything syncs to the page I was on! A wonderful wonderful piece of technology which has doubled the number of books I read in a year – and I read A LOT!


  3. I think good ol’ hardcover books will always be a favorite for me, although I don’t mind the e-books. It’s just that there’s something nice about dog-earing book pages and finding your old book worn out from being over-read 🙂


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