It’s so hard to find people you connect with. And even if you do find someone, it’s just momentary. Honestly I’m bored out of my mind, not because I have nothing to do but because I have no one to have real conversations with. And this… boredom… consumes me, makes me depressed. I start relating it to a bunch of other negative things in my life and BOOM I’m all… blue. I badly need to have a pouring-out-my-heart type of conversation with someone who listens and and… and I don’t know! The fact that I’m blogging about how dull things are is proof that I’m out of ideas of how to find someone to connect with.



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  1. I hear you loud and clear. It is so hard to connect or to find people who don’t just rabbit on about their life without pausing for breath! So it is common, chin up, there are people out there who are like minded and keep their mouths closed long enough to open their ears.


  2. Bless you Rinth – you know where to find me on Facebook if you want a listening ear. Or write to my email address. Hope you find people who you feel you can share with one way or another. By the way, looking forward to having a friend of yours stay with us very soon! I will be asking her lots of questions about you 😉
    Finally, I love the new picture of you on the side tab to this blog – you look so nice 🙂


    1. Hahah yeah, Rebecka is very excited, but also a bit insecure now while there’s so much tension going on. I told her to consult with you whether or not it’s safe to travel there at the moment.

      Thank you :D.


  3. I so totally understand your situation. Because I go through the same phase every now and then! 🙂 It’s ok, you know it will pass, for sure.


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