Why are we so strong when we are young? Naïvety might hurt us but it also empowers us to let go of all our inhibitions. And that’s the only time we can do it so easily, because the older we get, the thicker the walls around reasoning becomes. And one day we realize that we can no more relate to who we were when we were young. Then we start thinking of that little girl/boy in third person. We look back with a stern expression, making sure whoever she/he was doesn’t seep through to damage the reputation we built to impress Reasoning – the judge in court.

I am… terribly scared. And I cannot explain to you how much. I’m not even sure exactly what I’m scared of. Fright is an extremely common guest in my mind because I’ve always been scared of something. Ever since I was little. I had so many people around me to give me attention, yet it didn’t help me build up a solid self-esteem. No, that took a lot of time. And even today, I look over my shoulder and realize something is not right.

I stood in a circular room. The ceiling was red, and so was the floor, and it was giving off a glow; it was weak but if you focused your eyes on a spot, that spot became illuminated and clear. The walls consisted of mirrors. Except for one part, where there was a French window. Through that window he watched me. And I asked him: “Why did you return to watch me from the other side?” He said: “So that I can empower my imagination. There is nowhere else my mind will go.”

We are all stuck aren’t we? One way or another…