How many views I get on my blog is of course interesting to check every now and then, but what I find even more interesting are the search terms – the stuff people search before they end up here on my blog. Naturally, the top search terms include my blog address, or ‘icytoes’ combined with ‘rinth’ etc. Someone also ended up on my blog looking for someone else’s blog (whom I follow). Now I haven’t gathered many of these search terms yet as this blog is still young, but nevertheless I’ve managed to catch some interesting viewers. People have searched for…

“how was fores smelled” – How the forest smelled?
“maps of sloths in brazil” – Wow… I’m sorry I couldn’t help you with that!
“sloth games” – Now this told me I attract sloths! Maybe because I am one myself :|.

Now here comes the funniest one…
“mom tries to help too much grown daughter”

And I’m not even commenting on that. ROFL!!


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  1. LOL I love posts bloggers do about their search terms. They are always hilarious. At least you didn’t get dodgy ones – mine are often really bad. I really don’t know what search engines get up to sometimes…


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