Today we had our first lecture, in linguistics. I don’t remember the last time I enjoyed a lecture so much. I actually enjoy reading the linguistics book. There are so many interesting facts in there, among which one is a mention of a “feline child” called Genie. I looked her up on Wikipedia and read the whole article. And apparently there is a movie based on her life as well, Mockingbird Don’t Sing, which I intend to watch as soon as I get some time.

I never knew linguistics was so interesting… and so broad; there are many different fields of linguistics today. I’m especially interested in how we acquire our first language/languages and the development of bilingual children, because I want to understand which stage Rayan is in right now. Apparently in his age most kids have a vocabulary of about 50 words, which I find rather odd considering he only says a handful words that we understand. But he babbles a lot, so his babblings might hide many more words which we simply don’t understand because he “pronounces” them differently… maybe.

I haven’t had this desire for learning in a veeeeeery long time. Hey I barely have any desire to learn how to drive a car! Do you see how dispassionate I am when it comes to learning? So when something like this sparks some motivation into me, it feels vitalizing.

It wasn’t only the book of course, the lecturer was extremely good as well. And he did something that always leads to an A in my list of teachers; somewhere in the middle of the lecture he made me laugh so hard tears came out of my eyes. He played an audio clip of a guy who had to say a sentence but was hindered in various ways, which led him to stutter EXTREMELY. I mean in a way you have never heard anyone stutter… I mean not even comedians would exaggerate that much. And it was so hilarious… I kept wondering why a few people weren’t laughing. I have learned to control myself, otherwise I would probably collapse in a heap right then and there. You have no idea what state I’m in when I find something hilarious.

Ah… life…