The Writing Challenge of the week is to describe a setting in as much detail you can. Please take a look at the post to understand what I’m writing about.

A tall 20-something black clad woman with fiery red hair shoulder-long hair and bright green eyes steps in to an almost empty restaurant. She’s wearing jeans and a leather jacket, and the only jewellery adorning her is a simple pearl pendant hanging on a silver chain on her neck. She’s wearing boots that reach almost to her knees, and she’s holding a helmet in her right hand which is softly resting against her leg. A brown suede bag is hanging on her left shoulder.

The restaurant is very cozy. It’s small and has an oriental feel to it. There are pillows stacked up on each other in a corner where they serve tea from different parts of the world, and hookah during the weekends. The light is dim, and there are lanterns standing by the walls or hanging from the ceiling. There are vividly colored candles on the tables. There is a couple sitting by one of the tables; the only people in the restaurant. They look up as the woman enters. There is no staff around.

She rings the bell set on the high table beside the entrance. About a minute later, a small girl with thin black hair gathered in a ponytail and brown eyes comes out of the kitchen. She’s wearing a white blouse and a black skirt. She guides the woman to a table, hands her a menu and waits for her to order. The woman orders a drink and says she’s expecting someone.