Picture credit: http://theartsyfilmblog.com/2012/05/12/season-finales-disappointment-fringe-the-mentalist/
Picture credit: http://theartsyfilmblog.com/2012/05/12/season-finales-disappointment-fringe-the-mentalist/

Spoiler alert!

One of my favorite TV-series is over… forever :cry:. No more Fringe. Needless to say I was in tears watching the final episode.

When the fifth season started, I was a little bit confused and disappointed. They had skipped the part when Etta was a baby and directly jumped into the future, and I didn’t know the whole season was going to play out there/then. But then a fellow Fringie at work told me it was, so I eventually accepted it. And a great season it was.

I marathoned through, I think, three seasons of Fringe. I don’t really remember. I thought the series had a really slow start, and now and then I got bored of the cases. I wanted to see more of the core story. Still I kept watching, and I soon got my wish fulfilled.

I thought it was funny how they unleashed all of their “cases” on the soldiers/loyalists and observers in their headquarters (or wherever that was). Little did I know during the boring episodes that they were going to use the contents from there as weapons :P.

It was a happy ending, but I would have given a lot to see more; a little view of how Walter and Michael are doing over there in the future maybe.

Oh Fringe, how I’ll miss you!

PS. Lincoln is cute as an old dad as well!