I think it was a week ago now that I had a fever. Ever since then I haven’t really been at my best. At the moment I have this old-man-about-to-take-his-last-breath kind of cough going on, while the tip of my nose keeps burning. Let’s not even mention the headaches that have been haunting me alongside my sleep issues.

The result? Me walking around in robe and slippers all day. And yes I enjoy it… although it simultaneously manages to bore me… somehow.

Funny thing is, despite how lazy I feel, I’ve been working out everyday. Oh yes I have… been working out with Just Dance 4 :D! Now if there are others like me out there who love aerobics, zumba and other dance-related exercise I highly recommend you to get this game! It will get you to where you need to go; it will make you sweat. Sure… it might not cover everything, but you can always add that stuff at the end of each session. For example, I do some crunches and stuff. Anyway so because it’s such a fun thing to do, I’m able to do it everyday… and I don’t feel the need of buying an expensive gym card that I won’t be able to use anyway because oh I don’t know… there’s a snow storm going on or it’s minus frikkin 20 outside :-/?

Anyway… who reads this stuff really? How can you live with yourself tormenting people several days a week by writing all this… this… randomness? Don’t you think people have better things to do?? Like having lives perhaps? Sigh…

This is so me... the cutest sloth on Earth. Oh and yes and the eyes too... I get a li'l bit squint-eyed myself from time to time :-/.
This is so me… the cutest sloth on Earth. Oh and yes and the eyes too… I get a li’l bit squint-eyed myself from time to time :-/. Picture credit: http://www.artifacting.com/2012/03/get-your-sloth-name/

For some reason… I just can’t stay away from the blogosphere for too long. It’s like… like a boyfriend… minus all the arguments, let-downs and general boredom. No the blogosphere never gets boring. Despite having sloths like me shuffling around trying to suck everyone and everything into its void of nothingness.

Exhaling. Signing out.