Last night I had one of those weird fevers again. I was watching a horror movie they showed on TV (The Hills Run Red), despite having a terrible headache. The movie wasn’t that good, but I wanted to see the ending. When the movie got close to the ending though, my headache became unbearable and I realized I badly needed to sleep.

I couldn’t sleep all night. It was so weird… one minute I felt I was burning up, the other minute I was freezing. My forehead felt cold, while the rest of the body was warm. And despite not being able to sleep at all, I managed to have nightmares about the movie. The movie wasn’t even that scary… but something inside told me not to fall asleep because then that movie would become real or something like that… it was all extremely odd and the whole night was a pain. I couldn’t get up and take medicine either because the headache wouldn’t allow my eyes to open.

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Eventually I forced myself awake in the morning, had some breakfast and medicine and then fell asleep on the couch in the living room. When I felt like I could finally sleep peacefully I moved to the bed behind the couch. I could hear everybody wake up and Rayan playing and all, but I was too tired to get up. Then somehow I moved down to my room and didn’t wake up till 3 pm :?.

I felt okay the rest of the day, but a while ago I could sense the headache and fever returning so I took a pill to stop it before it comes… and hopefully gain some sleepyness in the process. That second one didn’t work out though… why I’m sitting here and rambling.

Anyway… this post just became unnecessary long :P. I wanted to say that commenting on my blog is now open for all. I had adjusted the settings so that only registered WP-users could comment, because I had received a lot of comments by anonymous people who never cared to follow up. However, having such restricted commenting policy means that people from my surroundings with sensible things to say don’t get an opportunity to do so. Comment author must however fill in both name and e-mail address. Of course, the latter can only be seen by me, so you don’t have to worry unless you feel you can’t trust me with such… state secrets :P.