Just Do It: Ranting About Writing

Ok so I have a problem. See close to none of the people in my surroundings in what misleadingly is called the “real life”, reads my blog. They do occasionally. This bothers me. You guys read it, regularly. You comment and you like. But why don’t they? I mean one of the reasons I used my blog to update about my life (which I know is very boring, but which I thought would be “interesting” for the people in my life) was so that everybody would know what’s up. Eventually, I realized that I’m not writing for them anymore but for you guys. Honestly I didn’t even notice when it happened.

Picture credit: http://chronicle.com/blogs/linguafranca/2012/10/11/inspiration-in-the-writing-revolution/
Picture credit: http://chronicle.com/blogs/linguafranca/2012/10/11/inspiration-in-the-writing-revolution/

Truth be told; I feel offended. I always praise my friends on their skills whenever they post pictures of this or that. All I ask in return is a little acknowledgement. What is wrong with people… seriously?

And what is so right with you guys? Or am I just simply in the completely wrong part of the world doing the opposite of what I should be doing? All of this frustrates and confuses me. If talented bloggers – and there are even real writers among you! – like you have the time and energy to read about how boring my day was; why don’t my friends? I mean c’mon… it’s not always about whether someone’s skills interest you or not – a true friend notices it anyway!

But I guess words aren’t enough. It’s as they say; a picture says more than a thousand words. A picture of a beautifully decorated cake is worth galleons more than a few words written on a meaningless blog out there in cyberspace. Maybe I should take pictures of what I write and post them instead?

I’m very disappointed with my surroundings. Parents keep talking about how important studies are. Well… the first thing you learn is to read and write right (and of course I pay my respect to the ever-so-strict world of mathematics :-|)? Then how come what I have spent most time in my life doing, goes unnoticed?


6 thoughts on “Just Do It: Ranting About Writing

  1. I think the blogging is a supportive but unique community. I also have very few “real life” friends who read my blog. Maybe that’s just how it is. I think that’s why it’s important to have a few projects going – other writing besides blogging. 🙂


    1. Yeah, I never feel lonely in the blogosphere cuz there’s always so much support around. And yeah you’re right, it’s definitely important to step out of the blogosphere as well. I have a long way to go before I can get there. At the moment I’m just reading as much as I can and keeping my fingers in shape through blogging :).


    1. Hello,

      No, I think you got me wrong. I never said that they’re ignoring me or neglecting me. I have a great relationship with my friends otherwise. It’s just when it comes to skills that I feel like somehow I’m behind everybody else… if you get what I mean? Because writing is the only area where I feel most confident.

      And yeah, not many of my friends read books on a regular basis… so I’m aware that they might not understand what writing means to me. But the thing about being a friend is that you should encourage and support anyway; even if it’s something you don’t understand (as long as it’s nothing bad or wrong of course!). Don’t you agree?


      1. If its this….then welcum 2 my WORLD frend…. for this is exactly wat I face… everyone arnd me talks…movies, music, beauty tips, bikes, electronics n all the stuff… its nt tat i don’t participate in those talks… bt ofcourse…the world which I admire the most…the world which is my hobby, my dream, my favourite interest…of reading & writing… is not the world admired by my frendz… I push thm 2 read my thoughts n they end up saying/writing tat u r a good writer… but wat i really wanna hear is if i m gud thinker, a gud observer, a gud presenter, & ne ideas of hw i can improve on… bt …— u know
        I hv a couple of people who really understand the meaning of my writing…bt in a crowd of hundreds of aquintances… its hard at times 2 digest the fact tat only a couple of people understand the depth of ur writing…
        So, to fill tat void…v r here…a world of writers n readers…n believe me… n the world of frendz is nt limited 2 those arnd u…
        So, cheer up…keep writing…keep posting…fr thr r lot many frendz waiting fr ur posts.. 🙂

        Wish u a wonderful new year ahead friend..!!!!!



        1. Yeah of course. I always appreciate the support, care and encouragement from the blogosphere. It’s a complete world in its own and you find some real friends and make real connections there as well. The other part (the one about the friends in real life) is just wishful thinking I guess. Who knows… I might turn out to be an underdog in my friend circle ;).


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