I lost the challenge :(! I forgot to post yesterday (actually if you check the dates, I didn’t write anything on Wednesday. But that’s because I was writing at midnight so yesterday’s post counts as Wednesday’s)! To my defense, I had work yesterday. And you guys are probably very familiar by now with how I never have time for this or that during workdays. Well… there won’t be any more of that because today was my last day at work ^_^. But nah… I refuse to believe I have lost the challenge completely. Maybe a C but at least I’ll pass when I’m done on Tuesday. Then I’ll never post again… hah! That’d make ya’ll very happy, wouldn’t it >:P? Anyway… let me tell you about my very interesting day.

I went out a little bit earlier today because I needed to go to a store… which wasn’t there :-/. I wanted to go to Game but where I thought Game was, I found GameStop :?. And that didn’t solve my issue because only in Game can you “switch” your old games to new ones (meaning you give them your old games and then you can buy new ones to a reduced price). For anybody curious; I want to get “Just Dance” for my Wii.

Anyway… after that I had some lunch and then went to work… where there was a small chaotic environment because of something they discovered in one of the products which many of us had discovered several weeks earlier :P.

At the end of the day, I didn’t say goodbye to many people. Most of the people I hang with at work were gone before me, and I don’t like goodbyes… or of being in the spotlight. And most of them didn’t even know that it was my last day today. That’s fine though – I enjoyed the time that was. And who knows… I might even return sooner than I thought.

Minus the goggles, this is pretty much me when I'm driving :-/.
Minus the goggles, this is pretty much me when I’m driving :-/.

My brother told me he’d pick me up today. And guess which surprise awaited once he arrived? Driving lesson! At 22:20! I don’t know how he manages to pick all the impossible times for driving practice! I was tired, my contacts were drying out, it was dark and the roads were slippery. Yet I didn’t object. I never do. My mom and brother have been going on and on about how I need to take my driver’s license. Of course I want to as well, but to be honest; I’m terrified of driving. I’m always rigid behind the wheel and all I wait for is when I can drive back home.

It wasn’t always that way though… In the beginning when we used to practice on empty roads, I actually enjoyed driving. But my brother lacks patience… actually he yells (mostly the same things over and over again) so much in the car that I eventually tune out. I do understand what he means, but he doesn’t understand my situation. I haven’t studied traffic theory so I don’t know the rules. I don’t know when to give way to a car or when I get to drive first. And whenever I complain on something like that, he yells: “read traffic theory!”. When do I have time to read?! I barely have time to read my own books! Leave books, I don’t even have time to clean my room most days! I don’t understand why he doesn’t understand me. I could have worked three more weeks, but I’m glad I chose not to because I want to take this time to focus on the driving. So that next time, he doesn’t have to yell.

He’s so impatient, he let me drive in a circle before I even knew how to drive properly! The motor stopped three or four times that day… because I became nervous and completely lost control! There were way too many cars and they were coming fast and right after each other, and I lost my chance three/four times! Sigh… at least the roads were emptier today, so the circles weren’t much of a problem.

Then came the parking. That’s another very tough part I can never manage to master. By then I was so tuned out that I remembered I hadn’t blogged yesterday :P. I saw a statue on the roof of the garage. I don’t know if I was hallucinating, but I swear it looked like one of those Greek body-statues! I kept thinking; is that statue for real or carved out of snow? If it is real; how come I’ve never noticed it before? If it’s made of snow; who is that talented and crazy as to build a statue out of snow on the roof of a garage?! Yeah… you probably get how tired I was. Once we finally got out of the car, I even started walking in the wrong direction :lol:! My brother went like: “where are you going?” :lol:!

Actually it’s the contacts that dry out my eyes which fool me into thinking that I’m tired. But as you can see now, I have enough energy to write such a long post :P. I actually even intend to watch a movie afterwards :D. 

No but seriously… I don’t know how to overcome my fear of driving. In my daydreams I have a driver’s license and can drive perfectly. But as soon as my brother asks me if I want to go out and drive, I get this uncomfortable feeling in my stomach. Aren’t you supposed to enjoy driving? I feel like my attitude towards driving is wrong. And it shouldn’t be that way…

That was my wonderful day… aaand I missed the deadline again… it’s past midnight. Ah well… this counts as Friday’s post anyway :P.

Picture from: http://www.timbrocklehurst.com/instruction-courses/are-you-taking-action