This is my second post in the Weekly Writing Challenge “Just Do It!”.


Life is full of surprises. Regardless of how predictable we think our lives are – especially during those months or years when we’re stuck in the same routine – it proves us wrong every time.

Today for example, I got an e-mail from the other Rinth. Remember her? The girl who has almost the same blog address as mine my former blog (mine was rinth89 and hers is rinth1989), the same nickname and is born in the same year as me? I haven’t heard from her for ages and thought she completely disappeared from the blogosphere… but apparently she’s been reading my blog! She has an e-book out which I haven’t been able to read yet because I don’t have the software to open it, but for those of you who have Kindles or in other way can read ebooks; do check it out!

Now follows some thoughts awoken by a friend of mine who adamantly states that her marriage will be arranged, because of a deal she made with her mother. Note that that’s not what she truly wants.

I have a problem with people who adamantly states things. “This will never happen, that will happen”. Nobody knows what’s going to happen, and it’s wrong of us to play seer because our fate is hidden from us for a reason. I used to say things like that too, until I was proven wrong… over and over again. And thus I have learned not to predict, but to prepare. Before, I used to predict a lot of things but was never prepared for any of the outcomes. But this year, I’ve been prepping myself. The funny thing is; I don’t know for what! I just know that it’s important I build myself up inside – so I know how to take shelter from storms and take the right decisions at the right times.

There are also those who won’t allow those things to happen which they believe won’t happen. Stubbornness can be a good quality at times, but if you isolate yourself from what looks bad; you also isolate yourself from what can actually be good for you. One shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Say for example, we’re talking about people. Say that you refuse to socialize with a certain group of people, for whatever reason. Therefore whenever a person from that group approaches you, you push her/him away. But what if, in that group of people, hides a potential friend? What if that person could have been someone who could fill a hole in your life?

Now, letting someone in is always a risk. Years go by yet new sides show up in people; so you can actually never really know a person. But… if you’re prepared, you can handle everything. You’ll know how much you can let the person in, what to do if you feel you guys don’t click etc. That’s why it’s always important to be prepared and stay prepared and never lose focus of who you are.

I used to be down all the time and think my life was boring and generally sucked. This year I’ve stayed at home for months doing nothing, and then I fell into a repetitive routine without much variation. Yet I haven’t given up hope that life, God, will surprise me. Regardless of how “boring” my life is at the moment; it’s problem-free. I might not be the happiest person alive, but I’m content with life. I don’t remember the last time I felt this way. And I know this boredom won’t remain. Somehow, someday, something will turn things around for a while. We’re not supposed to be “happy” all the time. Because then we would never understand the value of happiness.

So I say; embrace life and its surprises. Prepare yourselves for both the bad and the good.

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