Okay so the Weekly Writing Challenge this week is to post every day for a whole week. Writing for me has never been a problem. The problem has always been the content. I write everything from short seemingly unnecessary update-posts to long reflective posts about things that matter (or don’t). The reason is that I use this as a sort of personal journal, at the same time as a platform for discussion. I’ve tried keeping the things separated, but I know that in the end I’ll just give that project up anyway. I’m comfortable with things like this and my blog reflects me as a person; there’s a little bit of everything inside. I mean why persist on putting a label on yourself when you can be… spontaneous, versatile, unpredictable? Anyway… I’m sure this challenge won’t be a challenge for me at all as I now have all the time in the world.

And yes that’s the end of this post. I’m tired – have been struggling with computers all day – so I’ll try to write a proper post tomorrow.

PS. I wrote a post a while ago, and before anyone had the time to click like or comment, I deleted it (writing it for those of you who were quick enough to read it and are wondering what happened). I was asking for help on some technical issues, but I might have found a solution. I’m not sure yet… trying it out still.