My laptop has decided to have a mental breakdown, as it does at least twice each year. Fortunately, I could open it in safe mode and copy everything I needed. I wanted to somehow restore it to factory settings or whatever… but I didn’t manage. I might give it a go again later. At the moment I’m using my mom’s laptop. This one isn’t a delight to use either; it’s slower than a turtle. I installed Ubuntu on it in utter frustration, as I don’t have a Windows CD and thinking this might make it usable. Unfortunately it didn’t; it’s as slow as before. Not to mention the problems I’m having synchronizing Chrome/Chromium and downloading the proper version of the Flash Player. I don’t even know if I should bother trying to figure these things out; it’s not like any of it is going to make this laptop work any faster… or repair my laptop. Sigh… the world was a more peaceful place before all of this nonsense came to be. The fact that I’m actually saying this proves that I’m aging… and doing it faster than I expected.


I went to see The Hobbit with O earlier this week. Despite all the additions to the story, I enjoyed it. It might also have to do with the fact that I read the book twelve years ago.

Talking about books… I took a break there while working. Not having time isn’t really a reason because I can always make time for books. It’s that I was a little bit confused about my list; didn’t really know in which sequence I was going to read all of them. But that problem is solved and I’ve already ordered my next batch which will arrive… earliest January 16th. Yeah, stupid I know.

Kalle_Anka_och_hans_vänner_önskar_god_julSo the holidays are here… not that we celebrate it, but I do enjoy watching Donald Duck on Christmas Eve. See here in Sweden there is a tradition of watching From All of Us to All of You on SVT 1 (a channel) at 15:00. It’s basically a compilation of short Disney movies and clips. Traditions are good. If God decides to have mercy upon me and do give me a family of my own someday; I wish to create yearly traditions. Maybe there will be gift-giving on Eid so the kids don’t feel left out on Christmas ^_^.

So I’ve not been doing anything productive this weekend. Oh what a surprise. You know questions like “what am I doing with my life?”… well they kinda pop up in my head after/during every wasted weekend. I don’t know why I don’t do anything. It has less to do with laziness and more to do with… ugh I don’t know. People like me should be out there working. I have realized that I can’t stay without an occupation – or school – for too long. One reason being I eat whenever I’m bored. Damn I need to lose some weight… Where have I heard that before?



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