It’s been a really great week for me at work. I’ve learned to come out of my shell and have learned many things about people, life and myself. Now I feel sadder than ever to have to leave that week (I work the day shift next week) and soon even my job behind. Sure, going back to school and getting to study English again after so many years does feel exciting – but I’m going to miss all the unique characters at work.

Never could I have expected that this semester of my life would have turned out the way it did. Even when I started working, I never thought I’d learn everything so fast and start taking responsibility for things. And I never even imagined people would actually come and ask me for directions. It has been uplifting for my soul and I needed this more than any week-long vacation to some exotic country. I have discovered new sides to myself and I gotta say… I can’t wait to try them on in other, new environments.

I’m glad I didn’t expect any of this. That I didn’t have the time nor opportunity to create preconcieved notions or predujices. That I didn’t shut myself off completely and thus became too scared to advance. Spontaneity is my key for advancement in life.

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