Today, I gladly admit that I was wrong. I’m happy whenever I can prove myself wrong on these points because that means I have progressed as a human being – that I have taken one step closer to becoming who I want to become. That soon this disorganized personality will come together and build something solid.

Today, I’m proud. Because I’ve proved to myself and anybody observant enough to watch that you can gain acceptance, respect and approval without having to change who you are. You can be your weird self, and still get the right kind of attention from the right kind of people. You can do all of this without being a people-pleaser.

No, I’m not talking about me. C’mon, I’m not THAT narcissistic! Yes I mean YOU!

Don’t underestimate people – everybody isn’t superficial. There are some truly genuine people out there. And unless you gather the courage to get to know people better, you will never find them. Don’t judge before you know what’s hidden beneath because that doesn’t make you any better than those who do that to you. It’s okay to be afraid of being hurt or ignored or ridiculed. I think we all are. But don’t let the fright paralyze you. Take baby steps… anything. Just don’t stand still. Nobody will do things for you. The world simply isn’t a place like that anymore.

And the most important thing of all of course, is patience. I cannot emphasize enough times how important that is. There is a saying in Swedish that goes “if you’re waiting for something good you never have to wait for long” (there’s also a saying that says the opposite :?), and I realized the truth in that saying today. I have been depressed and waiting for something that might or might not happen. I have kept my mood up by daydreaming of how I wish things could be, despite feeling inside that things will never be that way. And today, despite the small size of the events occurred (and not nearly any of my dreams coming true), I feel hope. I can’t promise I’ll never be depressed again. That’s like a seal saying I’ll never dive into the water again. But this much I can say; I know now that I’m no seer, and that I can be wrong.

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