repetition 1Repetition is a very powerful tool. If you repeat a thought enough times in your head, you start believing it to be true. That’s why some people are overconfident and cocky whilst others are miserable and fail at everything they do.

I have been repeating thoughts like how I don’t fit in, how nobody likes me etc for… well forever. When did I actually think otherwise? Maybe during short periods of instructed confidence. And this is a scary revelation because this is what’s keeping me back. I have always believed myself to be a realist. I do know that I have some skill and some good attributes – but the negative bowl weights heavier. That’s why the good stuff gets overridden. So today I’m going to write down some good things about me that I truly believe in. And I’m going to try to repeat them to myself everyday.

  1. I have the ability to write my emotions down in a manner many people, even those who write on a daily basis, don’t. I have the courage and the skill to do so. And despite what I think, I can develop this skill further and it will get me somewhere if I do so (if God wills).
  2. I am helpful, and always keep an eye out for people in need of help.
  3. I talk to those who sit alone at social gatherings; bring them to where I’m sitting or go over to them.
  4. I have a good hand with babies and children (I don’t know why this always comes up when I think about my skills… I guess it’s just something I’m very proud of :?).
  5. I have very good organizing and planning skills.
  6. I am responsible.

Wow… that actually felt really good! Now I need to remind myself that these things are necessary and are worth more than superficial “skills” that lead to attention and appreciation. True appreciation comes not from when you’re doing it to please people, but when you’re doing it to help them.

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