Ok that part about my relatives was a bit too harsh. I can’t help it sometimes, when they get on my nerves.

Just talked to mom. The doctor told her to rest and not talk too much so we didn’t talk for long. But she’ll be okay thanks to God.


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  1. Fantastic news 🙂
    You know, things happen and there’s no working it all out. We’ve often been told how dangerous Bangladesh is but while we began living here a taxi driver in our home town went mad and started killing people with a gun from his car. He drove all over the area, drove past my house and shot dead a man standing next to our neighbour. My kids and wife could have been out playing on that road had we still been there and not here in Bangladesh. Who can tell what will happen to someone and where? It’s not really in our hands at the end of the day…


    1. No I know that, of course. And I’m not talking about this particular accident. I mean this was an accident and it could have happened here as well. It’s just that my mom has all these other issues, high blood pressure amongst others, and she’s always healthy while she’s here cuz she has her own doctor and goes on regular checkups… and I think the environment and climate, albeit cold, keep her stable. However, whenever she’s over there, at least ones her blood pressure spikes and something goes wrong. That hasn’t happened here in Sweden for years.


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