Yesterday when I was on my way to work, my aunt called me and said mom is in the hospital. The details are still unclear to me, but as far as I understand she had a fever and was dizzy… and she fell and injured her head. She got stitches. They did an x-ray and fortunately there were no serious injuries to her head (only a mild concussion I think).

Something happens to her every time she’s in Bangladesh. Every time. Yet she insists on leaving her perfectly healthy life here to go there twice or thrice a year. And it’s getting on my nerves.

My relatives have been trying their hardest to convince me to go. I won’t. I can’t blame a whole country for everything that goes wrong, but something unpleasant always happens when we’re there. I can’t name one year that has been problem free over there. I refuse to leave my perfectly stable and calm life for the colorful events that await me over there. And mom should do that to. The problem is that she’s from there and also that age has really been chewing on her brain cells.

You guys must think I’m really cruel. But I’ve got it from mom. No seriously. Whenever anything happens to me, she starts shouting at me and blaming me for it. And I have learned to do the same. I blame her going there.

If I could, I would take my relatives by the collar and shake them so that their intestines get mixed up. I try my hardest to sound polite on the phone, but if they can hear the resentment in my voice then I do not care.

A friend of mine experienced similar confrontations when she went to Bangladesh after eight years. She told me she would be perfectly okay with never going back again. And I feel amazed/shocked at how I feel the exact same thing right now.

I can’t feel worried because the anger is swelling up like a volcano inside me. But I still want you guys to pray for my mom.