Waking up at 4:30 and heading out while the streets are eerily empty and quiet wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. What surprised me most was how many people there were on the bus at that hour. I had expected an empty bus and pretty much empty highways as well. It’s going to be interesting being a traveler of night (yes, 5:45 is still night for us during the winter when the sun doesn’t rise till after 8). It was nice getting home a little bit earlier as well. I’ve been playing with Rayan since I got home.

Today, I received a notification from WordPress congratulating me. Apparently, it’s my five-year anniversary here on WordPress. So I registered here the 26th of November 2007. I have been “blogging” in various ways before that as well, but my true blogging journey probably started here at WordPress. Can’t believe it’s been five years! That is a long time. We moved into this house 2006/07, and I was still in high school… second year actually. Despite what I thought back then, life was so much more easier.

I must have had some other blog registered here at that time, because I only have posts going back a bit more than two years. That’s sad… I’d have loved to read and share something from that time. I do have stuff written in my diaries, but they’re all inside this box where the word “CONFIDENTIAL” is written (I wasn’t a stupid kid, I just wanted to be cool… that sometimes made me stupid :|).

And well that’s it for now. FOOOOOOOD!!