My latest shot. We bought this in Egypt. Bought more but I think one broke and some others were damaged (the sand inside was distorted) during transport. We saw them being made. It was really cool. Imagine having a skill as such!


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    1. I actually had the tools I to make them when I was a kid. Although lack of interest and skills lead to zero masterpieces :P.

      The guy used these different colors of sand which he poured into the glass… vial? And then he used a small stick to adjust the sand so they created the different figures and shapes. And as far as I remember that was basically it. It’s incredible watching these things being made – they’re extremely talented and they do it FAST. And of course lastly he sealed the thing airtight so that the art remains and doesn’t get distorted (although it does anyway if it’s shaken extremely).

      I MIGHT… not sure but MIGHT… have a video of him making them. If I can remember this weekend I’ll try to upload it :).


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