Humans have strong scent memory. What’s your favorite smell, and what does it make you think of?.

Except for the smell of good food and the comforting smell of the people I love, one of my favorite smells must be that of the forest. It is not often I go there. They’d take us to the forest while in school. In the earliest years it was to get to know the forest, and later on it was to experience the what-would-become horrifying memories of orienteering… to at least pass P.T.



I wish I’d go to the forest more often. I wish I knew my way around the trees in the neighborhood and would find some time to walk there instead of inside buildings filled with material things that are only going to satisfy me for a limited amount of time. Wish I could breathe some of that forest air right now.

Alas, winter is approaching, and it’s all dead wood now. The moist of the earth is slowly freezing and what is room for the various creatures of the north is now naked and vacant. Not a good time for a walk in the forest, that is.

If I try to imagine the smell, it’s something very rich. Something that manages to penetrate all of your external barriers and hit a button inside of you. Whether or not you like the forest, or if you’re scared of it, does not really matter. The forest exudes an aura that cannot be replicated. It proves how nature has a life of its own. The very life that is keeping us alive.

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