Dip-Dye and Sushi

Okay… updates about my boring yet comfortable life for my ever so loyal followers.

  1. I’ve dip-dyed my hair! There was a Groupon offer and we all know how good I am at not letting those opportunities pass away :P. I initially had a plan with a friend that we would dip-dye some crazy color like pink or purple, but I needed to cut the ends of my hair as well so when this offer showed up I bought it. They’ve only bleached my hair, and that made that part of my hair coarse. So I think further coloring will not be wise at the moment :P.
  2. I am only working the evening shift one week and the two last days before I leave :D! Even though that means waking up somewhere between 04:00 and 04:30 in the morning; at least I don’t have to return home 23:00 everyday! Oh and I’m working till the end of the year. What happens after that, you’ll know when I know :P.
  3. I tried sushi for the first time! Yes, I’m a little behind – like with everything else – but better late than never! I did it today with Nabila. She’s had sushi a couple of times before, but she had something else today. I had a small sushi plate and it was… interesting. The raw salmon wasn’t as horrifying as I thought it’d be. It actually didn’t taste much at all. Just soft and cold. Surprisingly, I liked the crab fish. My sister-in-law was surprised as well cuz I usually don’t eat seafood. But it tasted like meat, so it was cool. I did however not touch the shrimp. I do eat those miniature shrimps from time to time, depending what they’re on/in, but never those big ass thingies.

And yeah, that’s about it. After another post with some new shots, I’m going to check out what you’ve been up to ^_^.


7 thoughts on “Dip-Dye and Sushi

          1. I don’t know! There are plenty of deshis eating there though! My suspicion, what with it being Gulshan and all that, is that the ones eating there are very Western-thinking and may even be entertaining either bideshis or deshis who live abroad and want to give them a ‘treat’ that is very ‘in’ at the moment! Just a guess though.


            1. Yeah you’re probably right. Someone from “old town” in Dhaka (where my mom’s side of the family is from) would be horrified by the idea of “kacha mach” :P.


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