Okay… updates about my boring yet comfortable life for my ever so loyal followers.

  1. I’ve dip-dyed my hair! There was a Groupon offer and we all know how good I am at not letting those opportunities pass away :P. I initially had a plan with a friend that we would dip-dye some crazy color like pink or purple, but I needed to cut the ends of my hair as well so when this offer showed up I bought it. They’ve only bleached my hair, and that made that part of my hair coarse. So I think further coloring will not be wise at the moment :P.
  2. I am only working the evening shift one week and the two last days before I leave :D! Even though that means waking up somewhere between 04:00 and 04:30 in the morning; at least I don’t have to return home 23:00 everyday! Oh and I’m working till the end of the year. What happens after that, you’ll know when I know :P.
  3. I tried sushi for the first time! Yes, I’m a little behind – like with everything else – but better late than never! I did it today with Nabila. She’s had sushi a couple of times before, but she had something else today. I had a small sushi plate and it was… interesting. The raw salmon wasn’t as horrifying as I thought it’d be. It actually didn’t taste much at all. Just soft and cold. Surprisingly, I liked the crab fish. My sister-in-law was surprised as well cuz I usually don’t eat seafood. But it tasted like meat, so it was cool. I did however not touch the shrimp. I do eat those miniature shrimps from time to time, depending what they’re on/in, but never those big ass thingies.

And yeah, that’s about it. After another post with some new shots, I’m going to check out what you’ve been up to ^_^.