It never ceases to amaze me how small the world is! Today, a colleague returned from a long vacation in India. First thing she said when she saw me is that she’s going to Bangladesh in February. She’s going to stay at her dad’s colleague’s in-laws. Guess who her dad’s colleague is!  My cousin! I’ve been to his in-laws place a few times as my dad used to live in the same building as them. They were also here in Sweden visiting their daughter and son-in-law and seeing their grandson for the first time (he’s a month older than Rayan). She asked me if I wanna go as well but I’m going back to school next semester so it won’t be possible for me. Oh and my colleague is a Swede if you haven’t got it yet :P.

Still shaking my head in amazement. How often do things like these happen in your life? Do share!

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