Daily Prompt: Letters Back and Forth Part 2

Dear… old Rinth,

43 ey? Glad to know I made it that far! If I’m fat and sick, I apologize.

I don’t know what to say to you really. You’ve already lived it all. I guess I need to remind you a little bit of who I am what I don’t want to lose.

I hope my integrity is intact. I hope you’re still me and haven’t been changed by the environment you live in into something you regret.

I hope that you were able to follow through with your plans and that you’re content with life.

And I lack motivation to write further so…


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3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Letters Back and Forth Part 2

  1. Dear Rinth,
    I’m 41 1/2 and I’m male and I’m not you in the future. Nevertheless I thought I would offer what I hope I would write if I had written this to myself…I hope you find it encouraging.

    Dear Self,

    I’m not fat. Yet. I’m not sick. But maybe my body doesn’t run quite as quickly as it used to any more.

    I’ve not lived it all – FAR from it. So much still to see and do and experience and WONDER at. The World is still pretty amazing after all these years…

    My integrity is still intact although it has been battered. I am still very definitely me though. What I decided to be when I was a teenager, I am still fundamentally the same now. A little older and a little wiser perhaps, but basically you would recognise me if you saw me.

    Actually, almost none of my plans came to be. The world was bigger and more surprising than I thought it would be and I ended up doing things MUCH bigger than I ever expected. I lead a very contented life as a result. I do, however, have the tiniest regret that I never did become a train driver.

    My advice to you, if you’re listening, my younger self, is to believe in who you are and keep pushing yourself. You are actually much more amazing that you believe at the moment. It’s going to be years before you start to realise that though.

    Best wishes


    1. Wow! Thank you so much Ken! It felt really good to read that :)! Wonder if I will end up writing/thinking the same thing 20 years from now. Hope so :)!


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