If I knew I had something to write I wouldn’t have used the daily prompt for my previous post. I have this thing against posting more than once a day… but then again sometimes it goes days without me posting so I guess it somehow evens out :P.

Mom left today. I thought her flight was tomorrow, but I was wrong. It’s kinda empty now. I’ve got the whole basement floor to myself. I’m thinking of spending the weekends in mom’s room so I can watch TV :P.

I wanna thank you guys for the response I got on my pictures. I don’t intend to become any advanced photographer or anything like that, but I do wanna learn how to capture beautiful moments. Your encouragement means a lot to me. It’s important to encourage someone when they’re taking on a new task; it gives them confidence to truly go through with it. I had intended to start reading the manual today. But as all other Sundays, I didn’t get anything done. I ended up spending half the day in bed, and the rest being with Rayan. And it didn’t help that mom left and it was cloudy all day.

However much you hate Sundays or wish you could take some days off; time does go faster when you work. It seems like an eternity before the break, lunch, break and 16:30 – but Friday comes before you know it.

Ugh… I had actually intended to write regarding a certain topic, but it’s become a bad habit to ramble like this. Sorry. To the topic!

… Which is LIKES. Yes… likes… on Facebook. I don’t have that many friends. I could if I wanted to. If I accepted friend requests from internet people. But I don’t, mainly cuz I share pictures of my family and friends and they might not want random strangers to see those pictures. I know that I could set the privacy settings so they can’t see them, but for me Facebook is a private place. I tried to use Google+ for a while for people I don’t know in real life, but that didn’t work out. I am an active Twitter user as well, but it seems like nothing beats Facebook. Anyway…

I see these people who write statuses and put up pictures and get like more than thirty likes per post. These people usually have 300+ friends. Well… “friends”. I’ve never gotten more than… what ten likes?… on something. And this liking thing on Facebook is really annoying because it makes you feel like a fool if you post something nobody likes. See that’s why I have Twitter; so that I can write whatever I want without having to bother about who reads and likes it and who doesn’t.

Anyway… just needed to rant a little bit. What are your views on this liking phenomenon?

Picture from: http://www.jillianney.com/whats-in-a-facebook-like-not-a-lot-if-you-have-to-ask-for-it/