One Bad Apple

It’s frustrating how only a very small number of people can ruin everything for you.

It’s easy to ask the question why these people aren’t self-conscious. But before I ask that, I know it’s important to understand whether I annoy people or not. It’s very much possible that I do. I don’t really talk much, but I can understand that friends who I have made after 20 and other people I’ve gotten to know might find me a little bit… frustrating.

See things aren’t always that easy with me if you’re outside the world of general knowledge/custom and pop culture. You gotta have a broad mind to understand that most of what I say doesn’t have a hidden motive behind it, and that most of what I don’t say actually matters. You have to be able to decipher people’s behaviors. It’s not difficult for us who live today, being conscious of today. And of course especially not for the people of our and future generations. However some people are and will always remain behind, regardless of when and where they were raised.

I’m not saying it’s bad to stick out of the crowd. It never is. As long as you’re conscious of what you’re doing. Know what kind of impact you’re making on the people around you and try to understand your role in the environment you live in.

I don’t know if this applies for everyone of that category, but I’ve realized that the people who talk more about themselves and listen less to others are the ones who are the least self-conscious. You’d think that the amount of time they put on talking about their needs and wants would make them know themselves better… but oooh no…

I have come to realize that knowing and understanding yourself is an extremely powerful tool. The more conscious you become of yourself, the more you start understanding the people around you. And that’s when you gotta start taking some major decisions, as you start understanding which people you shouldn’t be with anymore.

Because these people pull you back. It doesn’t have to be the obvious things like career, money or fame. It can be about things like self-growth or just general satisfaction in life. These people keep you from getting where you wanna go. And it’s difficult the more caring you are as a person, because you feel guilty leaving them behind. But seriously… if they’re not ready to grow yet, behind is where they belong.

I have friends I don’t always keep in touch with, but who I love hanging out with when we eventually do hang out. People I feel comfortable enough with to be myself. And that’s exactly what friendship is all about. You shouldn’t have to try to feel comfortable; it’s supposed to be smooth. If it’s not, you have to be able to admit to yourself that you guys aren’t meant to be.

It’s more than comfort really… whenever I am with these people or talk with these people I feel… relieved.


4 thoughts on “One Bad Apple

  1. I don’t know what’s going on with you, but I feel bad when I get negative comments. Personal blog doesn’t get much negative comments, but remember that Bangla Android site I recently launched? A lot of people are actually following it and visiting regularly. But a handful of people seem not to like it. They’d constantly throw negative comments. Though the community I built supports me and throws words at them, I feel bad.

    I’m saying this because it matches your first line, a small number of people can ruin everything.


  2. That is how friendship should be.. Your friends should make you feel comfortable, not miserable..
    I could relate to everything you said. I was with all the wrong people for a long time… Glad to finally understand that.. 🙂


    1. Yeah. And I have to say talking to you feels like that as well – I don’t feel like I have to force any different behavior on myself :).


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