So yesterday I got my camera. I’m not an artist, that I will openly admit. My field has always been restricted to words… and imagination for me means fiction. However, amateur photography is a huge thing nowadays and I’m just going with the flow I guess (apparently I do that sometimes!). I haven’t been able to go out with my camera yet, and probably won’t be till next weekend, so here are the best shots I’ve taken so far.

Ok the bookcase is not one of my best shots, but I still like that picture. Anything with books can’t go wrong :P.

Now to other updates…

  • Mom is going to Bangladesh on Monday. She’s planning to be there for three months. That’s gonna be… I don’t know. You know how it is with moms; sometimes you wish they weren’t around and then you regret wishing that.
  • I’m coloring my hair next weekend! No more on that now.
  • There will be new shifts at work starting from the final week of this month; 6:00 to 14:30 or 14:30 to 23:00. Yeah… imagine having to come home, all by yourself by public transport, 23:00! I won’t be home till midnight! God I hope I never get the evening shift! The only positive thing I can see with this is that I’ll get to spend more time awake at home. Will actually be able to get stuff done and not be forced to collect everything for the weekend. A woman needs her rest!