Exciting New Purchase… and Money

I am completely restored. Whatever happened went away after one full day of rest. And everything is going as usual. The days are darker, rainier, a tiny bit cooler but there hasn’t been anymore snowfall since my last post.

Today… I did something. Well actually I bought something. I haven’t told anyone I was planning to buy it. Well I’ve actually placed an order, and the payment is done as well. I took the decision rather drastically… but I’ve wanted this thing forever so I don’t care. Initially, I had thought of buying a desktop (have no use of a laptop anymore) as my laptop’s charger doesn’t work (am using mom’s now). But then I thought it could wait… there is no rush. This laptop works perfectly fine otherwise. So… I decided to make a dream come true and ordered my first DSLR camera :D! A Canon EOS 1100D. Shhh… nobody knows yet! My family has this habit of reprimanding me every time I buy something… but I never buy anything I don’t intend on using… and when it comes to electronics I never buy what I won’t use to the fullest. So they can say whatever they want – I know that in the end they’ll have use of it too.

Except for that… I am trying to save money. I have one month’s salary saved in my bank account and most of the rest – that is; the money I am free to spend this month – just disappeared with this new purchase. That’s okay though… if I manage to save even half of the salary every month, I’ll be able to take my driver’s license next year hopefully. That’s what I’m saving for primarily. Saving money is so much more easier when you have a job :P!

What about you guys? I don’t know why… I’m always curious on other people’s personal economy… like how much you spend and how much you’re able to save etc. I know it’s personal but you can share your general ideas on the topic if you feel like.

Picture from: http://www.chip.de/artikel/Canon-EOS_1100D-DSLR-bis-1.000-Euro-Test_47834827.html


2 thoughts on “Exciting New Purchase… and Money

  1. I too buy electronics all of a sudden. But not when it’s out of my wallet’s range. 😦

    I made two small purchases yesterday. One of them was a wireless router and a wireless mouse. Big saver. If you’re not already, try using a wireless mouse. It feels awesome.

    As for gadgets, I haven’t bought anything for a while since my Android. I want to get a Nexus 7 tablet, but I always keep thinking that laptop is my first priority. So, I should have some backup money in case anything goes wrong with my laptop (stolen, broken, whatever), I can make a new purchase. 😦

    And don’t forget about what I said on this camera on Twitter. 😀 All my future photographs will be dedicated to you. 😀 😀


    1. Yeah I know, but I don’t use my laptop as much as I used to… I probably will start doing it once I start editing pics and stuff… but I still don’t feel there is any major need for it. Maybe in a year or so when I switch to a desktop.

      I’ve been wanting to buy a DSLR for a few years now. And now when I’ve got it, I feel like if I can learn how to properly take and edit pictures – like if I can seriously dedicate myself in learning about it – I can regain faith in my capabilities. So even though it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal; I’ve somehow committed myself to something with this purchase.


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