First Sick Eid

Yesterday I felt nauseous at work. I don’t know why. The feeling grew even more when I had to pick some new products out of their boxes – they smelled high of chemicals. I somehow managed to finish work, but when I got home I had to lay down at once. Didn’t even bother changing my clothes. The nausea continued and I felt like I had gotten a fever. It was weird… I had all the symptoms of a fever – feeling cold, weak, pain everywhere – but my temperature hadn’t risen. Anyway… after a while my stomach decided it was enough and well… I was sick. And that’s huge for me cuz it doesn’t happen easily. Actually it takes a lot for me to be sick. Haven’t been in two years… well till yesterday that is.

After that the nausea was gone so it felt better… but I still felt feverish… and my body, especially legs, hurt like hell. I did manage to sleep but I didn’t sleep well. It’s weird… I didn’t take any pills… yet after a while the chill changed to heat and I started sweating. That was one weird fever I had there.

Today I feel a little bit better – still weak and in pain though – but it’s Eid… actually I think this is the first time I’m sick on Eid :?. I think God didn’t want me to be a hypocrite, so he made me sick. Heheheh… what I mean? Well… thing is I’m always angry at people who don’t take the day off on Eid. We only have two holidays per year and not taking the day off is just… well stupid. But… I wouldn’t have been able to take the day off today because I don’t have any… what do you call them in English? Vacation days? I mean I can’t take any days off… not as long as my contract is only up to three months long. So… He decided to grant me this day off by making me sick. So in a way I’m glad :P… because no I don’t want to be a hypocrite. And even if I can’t go anywhere… at least I can spend this day at home with my family :).

Oh and the first snow of the year has fallen here in Stockholm. Looks like we’re having a white Eid! Eid Mubarak to all of you!


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