Rayan hasn’t been that well since they went to Bangladesh. He’s suffered from diarrhea and stuff and was on antibiotics for a couple of days. Today, he got admitted into a hospital and is on IV. They’ve changed their return ticket so they’re coming home earlier; on Tuesday. I’m relieved. He shouldn’t travel anywhere else till he’s like… three! That little thing needs to grow much stronger first. Heheh… mom is on “I-told-you-so-mode”, which means she’s pissed. I kinda wonder if she was ever as worried about us as she is about her grandson :P. But that’s okay, cuz we’re all worried about him. Pray for him guys!


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  1. Yikes, they want to get that little tyke home. I always worried about travelling with my own little girl when she was under 6 because she found it hard to tell me what the problem was. Hope this story soon has a happy ending.


    1. Yeah… I mean they can’t do much else than cry. And it’s even more horrible when they can’t eat, like in his case. Thanks by the way… just hoping the journey back home will be smooth.


        1. Oh I’m not there with them… so there isn’t much I can do from over here… other than pray of course :). But they’re coming home in a few days insha’Allah so I’m not too worried. I know everything will be alright as soon as he comes back to his own element.


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