Season Premiere of “The Walking Dead”


Warning: this post contains spoilers.

I just loved the roughness of everything in this episode. Carl now being a tough young man and shooter, Rick truly being the leader of the group, Hershel finally in his right mind (hope he made it!).

I actually thought that the prison would be filled with dead prisoners… and I don’t mean walkers. I thought that because they were imprisoned, nobody would have let them out and they would all be dead by starvation. But I guess as the prison guards and stuff were infected…

Anyway… how the hell will this group survive together with criminals?? I mean remember last season when they had to kill those men who were making trouble? Those were normal people trying to create trouble. But prisoners? Can’t wait for Monday! Yes… I actually look forward to Monday :P! Although I’m not sure I’ll be able to watch it then… sometimes I simply don’t have time :(.

What did you think of The Walking Dead‘s season premiere?

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4 thoughts on “Season Premiere of “The Walking Dead”

  1. I did love it, especially now that it’s turned down a darker, altogether more sinister path. The secondary story with Michonne is about to get very creepy too. I like that there are now two groups to follow rather than one.

    I found the two guys in the bar from last season very scary. If you’ve ever seen the movie The Road, you know what roaming bands of men in a post-apocalyptic world are capable of!


    1. I haven’t seen that movie, no, but I get what you mean. It was a tough call, but in a tight situation like that I don’t think it was wrong of them to kill them.

      Yeah, that Michonne girl seems really intriguing!

      I wonder if Hershel is going to survive! I mean I didn’t think of the option of cutting a limb off. If it works…


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