It’s not that single life is getting boring and I desperately want someone in my life… but when you see people around getting involved and ready to take that step in life, you start thinking about your own – about how things might end up. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life alone.

I have friends to share my worries with, but they only agree or feel sorry for me. They can’t do much else, neither can I for them. Eventually I probably end up frustrating them. Who doesn’t want someone who keeps them company and gives a smile on their lips everyday?

If you ask me what kind of guy I want, I’d say I want someone who finishes my sentences. And finding that guy is impossible. And right now I’m learning to accept that. So I’m going through a rough patch. Because right when I have started to be content with my life and myself, I have realized that I most probably will have to spend the rest of it in misery.

I am an inward-facing person who has somehow covered the basics of socializing, but that’s it. I cannot and I will not turn myself into something that isn’t me. And that confidence scares me. Because I… I am unlikable. If it takes years for me to like myself, how will people like me after a couple of meetings? I must seem really cold, awkward and… simply weird.

And I’m sorry that I have come to like myself so much…. that I will not change and will continue to support the unconventional ways, the unorthodox methods… and the misfits.

I am sorry and I am sorry. Shit happens and then you die.

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9 thoughts on “Melancholy

  1. Same Scenario here ..:( Sometimes it also makes me sad, Couples all around..and i’m still looking for the one…And i think opposite type of People make a perfect blend..for an enchanting life.Lets see what is waiting for us..But the problem is that in a country like Bangladesh, you can’t ask anyone that if she is free or willing or anything else ..than how i will find someone here, I am so worried with that 😦


  2. It is not just the ‘misfits’ (you are adorable and cute, who says you are a misfit? *Angry Face*) who find it difficult. Coming from an extrovert who everybody simply ‘adores’, it is not easy to find your person. There are a lot of ‘almosts’. And, the Mr. Right eventually turns into Mr. Wrong.
    Enjoy the single life, till he comes.


    1. I don’t fit into any group or category of people… that kinda makes me a misfit :-/.

      Yeah… I need to enjoy the single life more. I mean what if I come to miss it someday and wish I had done more things for myself while I could :P… right?


      1. Yes, enjoy the single life, before you have to undertake the responsibility of a whole person… The single life has a lot to offer, too..


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