Everybody else is getting to live my story. Bits and pieces of what I thought would be my dream come true, I see and hear about every now and then. Sometimes I feel like life is teasing me. If I try to find a more reasonable explanation, I get nowhere. Sometimes I feel like I’m actually somebody else… stuck in this girl’s body. Her mind is here as well… seems like lately we’ve learned how to cooperate. But it wasn’t always this way. I’ve been struggling with her almost my entire life.

I have an imagination too vivid for my own good, and sometimes it feels like that’s the only thing keeping me going. But things shouldn’t be this way, right? I’m doing something wrong. I know I have done wrong, but what is wrong right now? I can’t find it. Nobody can.

The more everything stays idle, the more I reflect about things. The more I reflect about things, the more I lose hope. And I have almost lost it.