A couple of corrections; Cosmonova is the only IMAX theater in Sweden, and We’re Alive is not an audio book. It’s just like any TV-series… without the visuals.

Ok… so today mom and I saw Sea Rex 3D on Cosmonova. It was okay… educational. And I guess a better visual experience. However I felt it lacked some action. Thought the sea monsters would reach out with their jaws towards us a little bit more :P. But anyway, I enjoyed it :).

Did I mention how lonely it is at our place now when Rayan’s not around? It’s dead… and Sunday nights are scarier.

Not very long ago, Sunday night would be like any other night for me. I could stay up watching movies. I’m not saying I miss my life of not doing anything; just that I wish the weekends were longer. At the very least I wish that I didn’t have to wake up 5:30 every morning. 

But… there isn’t much to do about it, is there? So just shut up and go to bed you little…


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