Zombies, Fall and Weekend Plans

It’s Saturday, the sun has continued to shine since yesterday (contrary to my predictions) and it’s theme day! As you can see, I’m already on board with a brand new theme. Believe it or not, this was the one I liked the most out of the three that came out. I guess it’s not a surprise :P.

Talking about spooky things… do you guys listen to audio books? I never thought I would – I mean books are for reading right? – but then a couple of days ago I was looking for a podcast to listen to and I found this… well they call it a podcast, but it’s more like an audio book. The name of the podcast is We’re Alive – A Story of Survival and it’s a zombie story. I recommend it highly to anyone into that genre of fiction. It’s amazing how listening to their voices and the sound effects clearly paint up a picture inside your mind on what’s going on. Somehow it’s more visual than books. But of course, that doesn’t mean I think audio books will ever replace the printed ones. I just think it’s a great time pass if you, like me, need to kill an hour to and back from work. I actually even listened to an episode at work :P, instead of music. You can find the podcast on iTunes.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love fall? I mean sure, it’s a bit chilly and grey, but when on occasion the sun does decide to shine, the colors are beautiful. I haven’t had much time to capture all the beauty I see to and from work, especially the most beautiful scenarios appear while I’m in the bus (sunrise for example), but whatever I have captured… well here it is:

This weekend is going to be really nice. Today my childhood “gang” is coming over. I don’t really have anything special planned… maybe we’ll watch a movie or two. But it’s going to be nice seeing them again. Things have changed a lot in all of our lives, and I’m surprised how we’re still together. We might not be the closest of friends, but we know a lot about each other as we grew up together and have more memories together than I have with closer friends I’ve met much later. That’s the beauty of having friends you’ve known for a long time.

Tomorrow mom and I are planning to go to Cosmonova, which is an IMAX theater. I honestly don’t know if they have any more of those in Sweden… this is the only one in Stockholm anyway. They have 3D in IMAX theaters now, and I thought that’s something you’ve got to experience :).

What about you guys? What are your plans for the weekend?


4 thoughts on “Zombies, Fall and Weekend Plans

  1. I love this theme of yours! Did you customize it? Brilliant anyway. My weekend plans are to figure out the Zombie Halloween costume this year. It has to go up a notch every year, so the planning has to start earlier. Great blog – enjoy your weekend in Stockholm. Hej dor.


    1. Hey there! Thank you for commenting. No, I didn’t customize the theme… it’s one of the new themes WordPress has launched :). Thanks and good luck with your zombie costumes!


  2. We’re Alive is a pretty good podcast. I will warn you, there’s a lot of them. They’re on chapter 34 right now, each chapter comes in 3 parts, so that’s 102 episodes! But it is really entertaining and one of the ones I look forward to downloading each Monday. Hope you enjoy.


    1. Yeah I know, but each podcast is only like 15 minutes long, so I don’t mind. Especially not as it’s so good! Keeps me company during quiet hours at work ^_^.


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