Imagine me standing like that and holding this speech :P.

Starting a new blog was a great decision. I realize that now already. I love how everything is fresh; new stats, no search terms about that single post I wrote which actually has nothing to do with what I want my blog to be about… even a couple of new followers! Thank you all for following, both new and old friends. As for many of you fellow bloggers; blogging is sort of like an extension of my soul… well actually writing is… but as my only active writing at the moment is blogging…

Anyway, I feel like the search terms and tags… everything will kinda make justice to this blog – and in turn it will help me in my own personal development. I have an image of how I want to be as a person and also how I want to be seen as a person. I don’t want things associated with me which may have been part of my past or hints I’ve given that have been pulled out of context. I’m going to write as clearly as possible and not about things I’m gonna regret writing about. And that, my dear fellow bloggers, is a promise!

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